How To Send Robux To A Friend On Mobile?

How To Send Robux To A Friend On Mobile?

Are you an avid Roblox player and want to surprise your gaming friends? Then you’re in luck! Sending mobile Robux has never been easier, and with just a few simple steps, you can deliver the perfect online gift. This blog post will explain how to send Robux to friends on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, so whether they’re part of your clan or group of friends across town, they won’t miss out on the most popular game items any longer. Keep reading to learn more about sending mobile Robux today!

Step By Step Process How To Send Robux To A Friend On Mobile?

Sending Robux to a friend on mobile is easy with just a few steps. Here’s how to do it in 15 simple steps:

1. Open the Roblox app on your phone and log in to your account.

2. Tap ‘Robux’ in the menu at the bottom of the screen.

3. Tap the green ‘+’ sign at the top right of the screen.

4. Select ‘Send Robux’.

5. Enter your friend’s username in the box marked ‘To’.

6. Enter the amount of Robux you wish to send them in the box beside it.

7. Tap ‘Send’ to confirm.

8. Select the payment method you wish to use, such as a credit card or PayPal.

9. Enter your payment details and tap ‘Confirm’.

10. Your friend will receive an email notification that they have received Robux from you.

11. They can then go into their account and accept the Robux.

12. Once they have accepted, the Robux will be added to their balance.

13. You will receive an email notification when your friend has accepted the Robux and it has been credited to their account.

14. Your friend can now use their newfound Robux however they want!

15. You can also check your Roblox account to confirm that the Robux has been sent successfully.


And there you have it! Sending Robux to a friend on mobile is easy with just 15 simple steps. Now you and your friends can enjoy all the fun of playing Roblox together, without having to worry about exchanging cash or other payment methods. Enjoy!

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